Time-Tested Daily Journal Template to Download

In this post I want to share the daily journal template that you have been kindly requesting. This is a daily Journal template that I have time tested myself over the 5+ years of me keeping a daily journal. If you want to learn more about my obsession with daily Journal please read the post – five years of daily journals.

First, let’s begin with the purpose of the daily Journal template.

Purpose of a Daily Journal Template

When I began keeping a daily journal I found it hard to keep up with the habit. I would get all excited for a few days but then eventually deviate away from them. One day while sitting down and filling up forms at work, I realized how having a template for things makes it easy to do them.

That day after work, I came back home open my daily journal and wrote a template that I could start following. From that day onwards I observed that it got easier and easier to write every day because I know what I would write – and what not to write. Furthermore, not when I look back at my nose the actually made sense instead of some random scribbles all over the place.

Daily Journal Entry without a Template
Before: Daily Journal without a Template (a mess!)
Daily Journal Entry with a Template
After: Daily Journal with a Template (a win!)

now, when I pick up the pen and paper I don’t get confused about what to write which prevents me from procrastinating or having uncertainty about the work.

In a nutshell, the daily Journal template makes it easier, better, and fun to follow through and keep a daily journal.

Now, let’s back down the daily Journal template so you can get started.

Breakdown of the Daily Journal Template

The daily Journal template that I will be sharing with you is broken up to following distinct parts – each part playing a specific purpose in getting the most out of your day;

  • Morning Gratitude and Affirmations – to put you know positive and thankful state first thing in the morning
  • Outcome Based Goals – to help you set goals that will achieve your desired outcome in a specific timeframe
  • Notes & Memories – this area is for other notes throughout the day, reflections, memories that you may want to preserve, or other observations
  • Self-Check – this area will help you do an honest review of how your actual day went worse is how you wanted it to go
  • Evening Wins and Improvements – this area will encourage you to identify the winds you had for that day and end the day with thoughts of doing things a little bit better tomorrow

To learn more about the detailed breakdown of each individual part above, please visit this page and signup for the free daily journal course.

Download the Daily Journal Template

For your convenience, I have made the template available in a wide variety of formats. You can download any one of the following that suits you best.

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